Founded in 1997, we are a branded entertainment and strategic marketing firm that helps brands generate competitive value by leveraging the power of entertainment and technology. From strategy and design to system integration, 1st Approach works with clients to identify and realize opportunities to increase their return on investment.

1st Approach's Team has launched Marketing Initiatives for Forest Laboratories, eBay, Hershey Foods, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Reckitt Benckiser, Doyle Publishing, Sony BMG, Plum Creek Timber, Black & Decker, Army National Guard, Sucrets, Adrenaline Nation TV, Hollywood Poker.com, Music For A Cause, Merchant Media, Lifewaves Intl, Permission Interactive, Wright Stuff Management, PepsiCo, Pep Boys, Body by Jake and many more.

Tying Internet with broadcast media and celebrity endorsements, our Branded Entertainment team has partnered with several production companies for various celebrity events including awards shows and major motion pictures.

Mark Wills
with the Perfect Pancake

Michael Imperioli
with 'This vs That'

1st Approach was one of three agencies asked to participate in a recent closed-door panel discussion on branded entertainement produced by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Also in attendance were Mark Burnett, executive producer of Survivor, The Apprentice & The Restaurant and David Lyle, president of Fremantle Media (American Idol).

As editor of Product Placement News, our executive vice-president Jeff Greenfield details trends in branded entertainment for brands and how to better market themselves and increase brand awareness.

Jeff is also the publisher of Branded Entertainment Monthly, a joint effort with VNU Media, the publishers of the Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Ad Week and Media Week.

Branded Entertainment Monthly

Among our team’s successes were the the re-launch of the Celexa.com marketing initiative for Forest Laboratories - where sales of their antidepressant medication increased $200+ million in a 12 month period after 1st Approach took over Internet marketing and launched dozens of depression related Internet properties targeting women ages 30-50.  

The team at 1st Approach is also responsible for the delivery of over 100 million Television impressions for Black and Decker's Auto Tape thru Product Placement integration - all of it landing during Q4 - their peak selling season Watch a Clip

Recognizing the potential growth in Internet Television, 1st Approach entered into an exclusive long term branded entertainment agreement with one of the largest Internet Television Stations and our Executive Vice President also serves as their Director of Brand Marketing.

Our experienced team is heavily involved in the development of the Branded Entertainment Industry and in technologies that allow brands to better communicate their messages to consumers.

In addition to being a featured speaker at NATPE, our executive Vice President has been featured at The Next Big Idea, The Global Entertainment & Media Summit and the Intermarket Agency Network.

We believe in meticulous planning. Taking the time to research and explore yields results with lasting value. Everything we do should produce a return: increased sales, more traffic, wider media attention or an improved brand perception. Success is something we carefully plan for and temper our creative and limit our use of technology with concern always for ROI and effective communications.

As a group, clients find us relentlessly creative, not just in the advertising sense, but in all facets of our problem-solving skills. We possess extraordinary powers of concentration and a richly diverse education in the business world.

At the heart of our approach lies this one truth: clients have the right to expect the best we can do, think and create. We work diligently, train extensively and play to win.

Our experienced team has been featured on ABC, CBS, CNET, Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Emmy Magazine, Back Stage, The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Tonight, The Hollywood Reporter, CNN, LINK! Magazine and Investor's Business Daily.

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